Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sometimes It's a Long Time ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I am referring to this week. With the training going on all week I am worn out! Just mentally drained from trying to pay attention and learn the new system all while trying to maintain my regular output.

Of course our company thinks we can learn and do our regular deal. That might work at some places but it sucks when you are in sales. Can't wait to see my sales figures at the end of the week. Since I have ignored most of my customers for the last 2 days.

Oh well on too after hours activities. Total for the last 2 days. Zero-nada-nothing. Monday night I was just tired when I got home and last night we did errands, grocery shopping and the like. We now have plenty of food but that's about it.

I hope to at least get in a run tonight, I can't go a full 3 days with nothing! I did service the bike last night so now I just need the window to slip out for a ride......

I hope it happens I am starting to go nuts..........

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