Thursday, May 9, 2013

Are You Kidding ??????????????

I know I have used that title before but it seems to fit my life quit a bit. Last night I climbed under the deck and hooked up the pool hoses and started getting that ready for the summer. As I was doing that I noticed how bad the yard was needing mowed and decided to work on it.

It has rained so much, the yard has stayed wet and it has gotten a little tall. So I mow and get that done and I feel just fine. So far I have crawled around under the deck and mowed the yard. No problems!

I grab the broom to sweep off the patio and boom! The simple act of sweeping makes my chest hurt so bad I can't even finish the job! I thought by now I was getting better from my crash Sunday. Not! I have skipped swimming all week because of my chest and thought I was getting better.

Last night I hurt so bad it was hard to sleep. As I am typing this it hurts.

What the hell!

I am riding tonight so will see, I did change my brakes last night so now I can stop. Hopefully I can ride without doing to much damage to me or the bike..............

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