Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Give Up .................

OK, I am taking my medicine. But the rest of the doc's orders are going out the window! I have sat around for the last 9 days and done nothing. Really no riding no swimming no picking anything up, nothing.

Has it helped? Yes, it has.

I can almost sneeze now without crying and I can raise my arm up above my head now. So progress is coming, just really slow. No I am not going mountain biking but I am gonna ride the road bike today. I have everything loaded and I plan to ride home from work.

Charles has been riding in and he hasn't gotten run over so I might as well try too. I put new batteries in my tail light and I will charge the light tonight. Yes it will be dark when I come in but what the hell. I got to start riding and if I am gonna ride the road bike I might as well ride to work.

I like mountain biking, I tolerate road biking. No offense to the roadies but to me it's boring. When my son Cody rode with me I enjoyed it but just to go out by myself and ride, it doesn't work.

So "I give up", I can't sit around any longer..................

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