Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This Is Weird !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So me being me, Sunday morning I was up before anyone else in the house. Every since I was a kid and had my paper route. I would finish up delivery on a Saturday or Sunday morning and then head out. I always liked watching a city come to life.

I was 12-13 years old back then and had 75 papers every day of the week to deliver. Five days a week I would do them right after school and on the weekends I would do the morning paper. I would leave the house before the sun came up and cut through the shopping center bicycle loaded.

I had an AMF Freespirit 10 speed. It was baby blue and had baskets on all four corners. Plus a bar basket. I was the bomb! Any how I would get done and come home change bikes and head downtown. I could cut through the UK campus and be downtown in 15 minutes. There would be non traffic and nobody out.

Slowly the city would come to life! Saturday faster than Sunday. That was 1980-81. Now your parents would get locked up if they let their kid roam around downtown like that.

Damn I had a great childhood!

So back to Sunday morning. I got up before everyone else and headed out. Paula and Ray live in MT pleasant, just across the bridge from Charleston. Where they live, it's not far from a shopping center and the Cooper River Bridge. I got to walk up through the shopping center and through the neighborhood.

Nobody was around and only saw 1 car in the neighborhood. I saw the fitness center at the shopping center was open and a few people were trickling in. Mainly women, men are to lazy to go first thing in the morning. They where probably wondering what I was doing walking through at 7am.

So I went up to the store and got a drink and chatted with the lady for a few and headed back the long way. As I walked along a few people where out walking there dogs and things where starting to move. I saw few people who must have been the ones to unlock the church because they where leaving awful early and already dressed up.

As I walked along I was thinking about that special period when I was young and had the paper route and got to do this every weekend. I ended up gone for about an hour and a half and walked 4 miles.

I felt like a kid again!!!!!!

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