Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Chase !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here lately I have been getting a little faster on the bike. Not that I am slow it's just the fact that the crowd I ride with happens to be some of the fastest guys in Charlotte. So naturally it rubs off on me too.

When I ride with most people I am considered fast.

So lately we have been riding a good bit, that plus swimming and my running. I have lost some weight, hence I am getting faster. So I have been getting ready and taking off in front of my buds. That way I push myself the whole time and they push there self the whole time.

If I took off with them and they dropped me after about a quarter of the way I would slow down. Now I kick it the whole time! I have just about figured out how far I need to be in front at what point to stay there through the end of the loop. We ride Steve's place quite a bit so I know where I need to be.

With all that being said last night I managed to make it till the end! Nobody caught me!! I was happy as hell with that. Now if I can start making that stick every time I will know I have arrived.......

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