Thursday, April 25, 2013

Steady She Goes!!!!!!!!!!!

I hit the pool this morning and tried a new technique. I tried to just go at a steady pace and not stop. It seemed to work pretty good. I got in my full mile swim a lot quicker than usual.

Now we are gonna get back on the bike tonight and finish the week with a bang! Followed by a full day over at Uhwarrie  on Sunday and I will have the week finished. Saturday the wife and I will be on the motor cycle!

Believe it or not she wants to do another ride this weekend! Yea I was kinda surprised myself. Should be fun! So far I have been on a roll lately I have ridden the bike everyday this week. Even with going swimming I have managed to ride. Last week I was late to work every time I road, this week I have even managed to be on time.

Maybe things are looking better! Or I have figured out a new system.....

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