Friday, April 26, 2013


I guess this might be the new normal! We are booming here at work and it looks like we should are gonna stay that way. Not that I am complaining but it makes it hard o get my blog written in the morning. Hell I haven't even had time this week to read the blogs I like to keep up with.

Wow is me......

Oh well I guess my readers will start noticing my up dates are a little late but they are still coming.

So I did hit the woods last night, Charles and I did a lap at Sherman and we hauled ass! I haven't ridden all week and I was on last night. Sometimes you just have it and last night I did. We passed everybody out there! Makes me want to ride this weekend for sure.

I ended the week with 5700 yards for my swim total and 1 ride. No running this week but I am still happy with the total. Next week will be more riding for sure. My leg is feeling better so I am gonna get back to running also.

Now let's change the subject! Today during lunch I went to Harris Teeter and hit the salad bar. I like going there at lunch, it's not far from the office and they have a great salad bar. Well I got my salad fixed and headed to the line. I get in line and I am standing there waiting.

All of a sudden the lady in front of me pulls out a damn book and starts reading it! I am like what the hell? Then I notice the guy who rang her up is putting all her groceries in these cloth bags she brought with her. Never seen that before!

Now don't get me wrong I am all for recycling, I just didn't know how far some people care to go with the concept! Each bag didn't hold hardly anything and she knew how long it would take.

Hence the reason she brought the book.....

Yes I changed lanes................

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