Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Laaazy Wednesday..............

Yea I changed up the title a little bit. I even grew bored of my title's already and it's only the middle of the week. So we did a 2 word title! Very clever..

Yep I hit the pool for my second day of 2000 yards. After riding last night then coming home and building Karen a set of shelves for her closet I am tired. First time I have swam that much in two days. I would really like o get up to 10,000 yards a week.

Yes I am loaded for tonight, I am heading to Steve's right after work. Tonight will be an easy ride. Kelly is out of town and I really haven't tried to find anyone else to go. Sometimes I just prefer to ride by myself. Can't help it, I like the peace and quite sometimes. If I want to go fast I will. If I don't I don't!

Sometimes I can pedal the whole lap in the little ring and take as long as needed and it won't bother me a bit. I actually like to see how slow I can go, it's neat to see all the stuff you usually fly right by. Right now that's one of the best things about Steve's, it's too hard for the majority of riders that ride Sherman Branch.

Steve's is only 10 miles from Sherman and it might as well be 30. If I went to Sherman today the parking lot would be full with all the rain coming. I might see 3 other cars at Steve's. That's why I like it!!!

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