Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It Happens To Everybody..............

Everyone with a pool anyway! I can't tell ya how many times I left the water on all night. You need to add water and you forget you have it on and go to bed. Next morning you wake up and remember right away.

Then it's to late, all the water is draining out on the ground!

Why am I bringing this up? Because somebody left the water on at the Aquatic Center last night! Were talking a 25 meter indoor lap pool that over flowed! It was slam full! Now they have to get the chemicals all redone and get the water level right again.

You could tell the chemicals where off just by swimming this morning. They where in the process of lowering the water level and once that was done then they had to get the chemicals back right. The life guard said the boss was not happy.

All I could do was laugh! Been there and done that............

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