Monday, April 15, 2013

I Am In The Club !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, "I Am In The Club" and didn't even know it! Makes me feel special! Last week I was tired from the Charleston run and ended up skipping my swimming for the week. It was amazing how fast I went right back to sleeping till 6 and then going to work.

So after skipping the week I was excited about getting back in the water this morning. I actually missed it. So I was up at 4:45 and out the door, I got there and almost couldn't remember the combination on my lock. 1 week and I had to try about 3 times before I got it right.

In the water at 5:15, 1500 yards later and I was done! Now I need to hit it the rest of the week.  Now for the funny part.

Every morning for the last 16 weeks I have gone to the gym and swam at least 4 days a week. Most mornings you nod and say hi to a few people as you come and go but that's about it. The one guy Joe he and I chat most mornings but the rest of the people it's pretty basic. Even the little older woman at the front counter, it's hi and bye.

Have a nice day!

Well this morning after being gone for a week I had 3 different people ask me where I was, they all thought I had just given up I suppose. All three of them had really never said anymore than hi or bye. So It kinda surprised me. I didn't really think anybody noticed.

But they seem too, it's like I am now part of the club. We don't have a ton of people who show up at 5am so I guess if one goes missing you notice. Now I will need to pay attention. Make sure my fellow 5am club members are doing well. Maybe I will get to know them now, it's like now that I took a vacation and still came back they decided I just might make it after all.

Now that they have seen my commitment they are willing to accept me into the club. You know, why bother until you are sure they are gonna stay around....

I made the club!!!!!!!!!!!

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