Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Getting On My Nerves !!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, this job is! We have been slammed for the last two days! As you can tell I haven't even had time to blog. Something is gonna have to give! But as you can tell the job wins out over the blog.

Much as I hate it, I have to work! If I want to play I got to work.

So no ride yesterday, I did swim and I did swim again this morning. So I have that covered. Now I just need to get the bike out. Which looks like it will be tomorrow night.

I finished pulling the 4-wheeler apart last night and now we are waiting on parts. It turned out it was the head gasket. Not that big of deal, and now I now how to tear apart the 4-wheeler. Cody is ready to ride it so hopefully it will be ready by the weekend.

Tonight I am taking the kids to get new riding boots. Both of them have out grown the ones they have. We are slowly making progress towards the dirt bikes. One of these days before long we are gonna be ready. Chase is starting to get excited and so am I.

Now my wallet isn't looking so good but what the hell, I am gonna have fun while I can!!

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