Monday, November 5, 2012

What Are Bikes Good For !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Saturday I went to the Backyard Trails with my buddies and had a great ride, we rode for a solid 2 plus hours and had a good time. I think I have finally ridden the entire system. There might be a part of the Marion Deihl Center side that we haven't hit yet but that would be it.

So Saturday was a good day, that left Sunday. We hit church and came home with a plan, and that was as far as we made it! Now I usually leave out the majority of what's happening in my house on this blog. Yes I talk about all of the play things we do and the good things that happen.

BUT.. Don't worry I have teenagers and they piss me off!

Nothing major and I am thankful for the fact that they are really good kids. Yes we have already straightened things out so all is well....

But before we talked about how things work I was mad! Instead of talking about it at that given time I went and pedaled my bike. MAD...

When I was done riding I wasn't quite as mad, and when I got home we talked. Thank god for bikes. If we had talked prior to my ride it wouldn't have went as well. I hit the woods and pedaled as hard as I could, passing people left and right just focusing on the task at hand!

What a stress relief!!!!!!

When I came home I was in a better state of mind and ready to talk rationally..

That's "What Bikes Are Good For"

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