Thursday, November 15, 2012

OK, Didn't Plan On This.......

Yep woke up this morning got ready and headed for the door! Easy enough, as I am going out the door I am already thinking about hitting the woods.

We have a night ride planned for tonight and I am ready.

Until I open the door, "OK, Didn't Plan on This" It's pouring rain!! Not just sprinkling it's raining!!!

So that kills the woods. I don't want to whine to much but I really wanted to hit the woods, everybody was planning on coming and I wanted to go!

I like night riding, it's like a "high" riding in the dark looking just where your lights are and going fast. You have to concentrate and I lose thought of anything else. It's just you and the bike.

At least it usually ends up that way for me, even my kid is faster than me! My buds always wait at some point for me but I am usually bringing up the rear. If we ride anywhere there is hills I am screwed! I like riding Beatty because it is just flat enough I can kick it and keep up with most everybody there.

Well anyhow I like riding in the dark, You feel like you are in your own private little world. "Is it scary" That's what most people ask, but to be honest, nope!

Not anymore than being in the woods during the day! The first few times I went alone I got spooked, but then I realized how much fun I was having!  Now I tend to enjoy going by myself.

When my plans workout.............

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