Monday, November 19, 2012

Now or Never..............

Of all weeks to start I pick this one! Start what you ask, my new best buddy!                          "My Fitness Pal dot com"

I am gonna loose 30 pounds or else! Yea I know that's not a great picture but it's a hell of a tool! You hear me whine about being slow and I ride like crazy but the weight really doesn't change. Part of it is just the way I am built but part of it is the fact I really don't try!

Untill now!

3 years ago when I was racing all the time I got down to 180 and could hold my own with just about anybody! Now I am at 210 and I suck! Skill wise I can ride with the best of them, but climbing I get left behind.

We were riding the other day, me Kelly and Scott and talking about weight. We all ride bikes that weight about 25 pounds, throw in the fact they are all about 40 pounds lighter than I am and it don't take a genius to figure out why I am falling behind on the climbs!

Think about it, for it to be a level playing field they would need to ride with 40 pounds of sugar in their pockets. Think about that!

Everyone can relate to a 5 pound bag of sugar. That would mean they need 8 bags of sugar! Or 8 bags is the amount I am caring around in my pockets!

Yes I quit smoking and I did gain about 15 pounds from that but that's no excuse. I am as fat as I have ever been!!! The funny thing is at work I look like I am in shape, and except for the weight I really am in pretty good shape. But that doesn't say much for my co-workers!!!!

Then I go hang out with all my riding buddies and I really look fat. They are all a bunch of fitness freaks and do triathlons and run and shit. I ain't running, at least not yet....

So Kelly pointed me toward this website, he has used it before and still does sometimes to stay in line with his eating. I have already figured out the Monster Energy drink has got to go....

I Got a feeling alot is going to have to go........

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