Friday, October 26, 2012

That's The Way it Works !!!!!!!!!!!!

The night before I had no mojo! Last night I had all my mojo! All is well in the universe of cycling!

At least in my universe!

Charles and I met at 7pm for a night ride at Beatty and we rocked! 3 laps and the weather was perfect. Of course a night ride in a public park you never know what's gonna happen.

First off we get there and there is a group getting ready to roll, no big deal the more the merrier! Only problem, I guess they didn't want to roll with us. I saw the thread on the Trailblazers website yesterday and figured we would run into them. But I never thought I might not be invited...... It was kinda weird.

We are parked right beside them and there are like 12 people getting ready to ride and not one of them said hi or are you gonna ride with us or anything. So we got ready and went into the woods about 5 minutes behind them. Of course we caught almost all of them before they stopped for a break.

So we pass them and head around straight into the woods for lap 2, as we approach the end of lap 2 we find a beer can sitting on the rail of a bridge. That wasn't there the first lap. At the end of lap 2 we look and all those guys who came rode 1 lap and loaded up and left! What the hell! One lap at Beatty is only like 6 miles.

Why bother!

Then lap 3 we have some kids try to scare us! As we are coming down a hill they start yelling and hooting like an owl! It was kinda funny! Last we stop and get the beer can of the railing and take it back to the trash. Ride over.

I got there at 6:45 and left at 8:45, got 3 laps in and had a great time. Picked up trash and had some kids try to scare me...... I love bicycles............

Yea never know what you'll find in the woods...........

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