Monday, October 29, 2012


Yea I had said I would let everybody in on my super secret surprise for the wife Friday. Then I forgot, I started talking about my night ride and never said a word.

Well it was a surprise horse ride in the Pisgah National Forest! Karen had a horse when she was a kid and loves them! She hadn't ridden in awhile and I have no use fo4r a horse. The only time I have ever ridden I got chunked off the back, so I prefer to be in control!

In other words horses scare the shit out of me. To damn big and have a mind of there own! Nuf' said....

So for me to plan this and show up and ride is a pretty big deal!!!

Friday night we meet up and had dinner, that is when we told her what the plan was.

No, we had nothing packed and she knew we were going out of town to Saluda but she didn't know we were leaving after dinner! She was waiting to pack until we told her what we where doing!

So home we went, packed and out the door by 9pm!

Not bad! 11:15 we where there and unloading the car! I would show pictures of that but it was dark!!!!!!

Tomorrow the horse ride...

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