Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rain Is Coming ?????

I missed a whole week right before we went on vacation from the rain so I feel like it's rained a lot. Then we came home and I have been riding every since!

As a matter of fact including last night I have ridden 5 of the last 6 days. All without rain. Then on my way home last night I notice, "man it looks like it's gonna rain".

My yard needs mowed, damn! I jump on the mower and get it done. It rained right at the end but not long. Now we are gonna get it the next few days. This sucks! I might even have to try out my my gym membership. I keep talking about it and have it so why not.

Ok, now I am gonna say my peace on Lance: I think it sucks. I have been a big fan of his and to see this happen just kinda sucks. I was even a fan of Greg Lemond when he won the tour. I was like 12 years old when that happened. Nobody kept up with cycling here in the states. Then Lance came along and cycling exploded here in the states.

All because of him. Everybody liked cycling.

Did he dope, probably if you look back at his time line and career you will see a lot of evidence. Not even including all the witnesses who personally saw him do it. It's just to much. Then the fact that just about every single rider who raced against him at that time has failed a test or been caught and suspended. Does that mean he's guilty, no. Do I think he is, yes..

Now lets move on. We all know how much he has done for cancer treatment and research, and that's a good thing. Yes he made his mistakes and yes he has done a lot. He will keep on doing a lot and hopefully people will learn from this. He has to live with it, I don't. so let's move on.......

Basically I am already tired of talking about it.....

Day 13......

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