Thursday, July 19, 2012

The "Tour"......

I know I haven't talked about it much this year, but as we all know the tour lasts the whole month of July. In my house that means we watch it the whole month.

Well it ends this Saturday and without mush fan fair. With all the wrecks in the first week the field is so spread out there just isn't much going on with the overall this year. It's still exciting bur in a different kinda way. You really need to understand how the whole race works to get into it this year.

I am enjoying it, but most people are not really paying much attention to it this year.

I was hoping we were gonna get through this year with no problems but low and behold they kick Frank Schleck out yesterday for a failed drug test! Of all people! I never would have though he would have been one for this to happen too. Damn!!

I hope it works out for him but it's rather disappointing! It just gives the sport a black eye again. People who haven't watched the first minute of the race came up to me this morning asking if I knew they had another dopper in this years race.

As an avid cyclist it just makes me mad!

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