Thursday, July 5, 2012

Second Monday Of The Week !!!!!!!!!!

sycamore cycles....hendersonville

i took a picture of this shirt...good for a laugh

my dream truck......get outta the way........

hail storm at the house

OK, that's pretty much a wrap on my available pictures. I checked out Sycamore Cycles while I was in Hendersonville, yea believe it or not I went to a bike shop. I wanted a shirt from them but all they had were kids sizes.

I found the shirt in a sporting goods store, I liked what it said but not enough to buy it. So I cheated and took a picture of it! My dream truck was in front of Green River Bar-B-Que. Said they use it when they have extreme weather, which isn't often, the guy said it hasn't moved in a few years.

The last picture is a hail storm that came through the other evening. Those white streaks are hail, not rain. Well it was raining too, but the streaks are hail.....Of course it was coming down on my new roof! Damn!!

The point of this post today is the fact I had a great vacation. One with very little to do. We did go tubing and we ate great food, checked out a million neat little shops. All and all I like vacations with a lot of down time. The batteries are recharged and I am looking forward to the next one in August!

August will be the one for the kids, a week at the beach. I will enjoy it, don't worry, it"s just busier. Fun in the sun and fishing in the marsh.

I did get in a great ride yesterday the fourth, but we'll get to that tomorrow. For now it feels like Monday all over again........

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