Friday, July 6, 2012

Look Forward to The End..........

The end of the week! That would be today, finally we have a real Friday!

My last two weeks have been across the board. I didn't work the Friday before I went out of town and then I was on Vacation last week then this week being off in the middle of the week. Hell I can't remember what day it is, or if I am coming or going.

I need a regular weekend (2 days), next week I am off on Friday and heading somewhere. So I have a short week again. We will chat about what I have planned next week. Today we are gonna chat about riding!

OK, here it is. Lately I have been riding the hell out of my mountain bike, I slipped in one road ride but everything else has been in the woods. Before I went out of town I hit the Back Yard Trails in Charlotte for the first time ever. I still can't believe how technical they are!

Why I waited I don't know. But I will be going back tomorrow.

Then I went to Lake Norman on July 4th!

What a bang!

Of course I have never been there either, why I don't know. That place is kick ass!!! No doubt if you have already been there you know that, but my dumb ass has never been! Again, why I am not sure. Other than the fact it's so far away from my house.

78 miles to be exact! ONE WAY!! That's a long way, as my wife pointed out I could have went to the beach for that round trip! Add 30 more miles to the round trip and I could've went to Pisgah. I usually camp when I go there so that kinda explains why I haven't been to Lake Norman!

I got up at 6am and got home at 1pm, I did ride ever thing they have to offer, I figured I came this far I am gonna do it all. It was well worth it. The trails are fantastic and flow good. It's kinda like riding in the mountains without the climbs. I will be back!

When, I don't know, but it is a fantastic trail system. I was surprised at the amount of people who use it, well maybe not that surprised after riding there. But when you know the parking lot at Sherman was probably packed and then you go up there and see the amount of people using that place. It kinda makes you realize just how many people do ride mountain bikes!

All I can say is "it's a lot"!!!!!! Which makes smile.....Have a good weekend and I will be back to a normal schedule for at least 4 days next week.........

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