Friday, June 15, 2012

Time To Ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Friday and it's time to ride! Yep I get to spend 4 hours in a car "riding" to Kinston NC.

We leave in the morning and come back Sunday. It's our new little nephew Quincy's dedication at church. He's 4 weeks old and Wriston's little brother. This will be the first time we have gotten to see him yet.

That will be fun, Chase and Wriston always have a good time playing together. Then we come back and get ready for a vacation! Yep the kids are going to church camp and we are going to the mountains for a week. We plan to ride the Gold Wing and explore the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Biltmore house will be a day and what ever else we get into.

Besides that I went Sherman last night and rode a pretty quick lap. I got there and Noel was about to ride so I took off and tried to stay in front of him for a lap. I managed to do it only to find out he was just riding and not pushing it.

I thought I was doing something, out in front killing myself knowing he was going to catch me and he wasn't even trying! At least I got a good ride in. I pushed myself harder than I have in awhile and had a good time. That's a good way to go out! I plan to maybe go tonight, if not I will hit the woods Sunday.

Have a nice weekend and see ya next week....

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