Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Riding Around Thinking About Riding Around......

Does that make sense? It does if you are mowing your yard.

That was my highlight for the evening, "thinking". Not a very good highlight I know but it got me through the job that needed to be done.

I have gotten to the point I would rather take a beating than mow the yard. My only saving grace is the fact we live in the country and you can't see my yard from the road. I wait till the wife is really bitching about it before I mow.

With that being said I am stretching it out to 2 weeks between mows. Yea it will need it by then but it won't look to bad. At least not to me.....She may have a different opinion on that but it works for me.

OK enough of the yard.

What was on my mind you ask? Well the fact that I really enjoyed my ride Sunday and it went well. That's dangerous!

                                         June 9th, 2012 – One Night in Uwharrie

Because now I have the racing bug! It doesn't take much to get me cranked back up! One good ride and a night race coming up that has my attention..

The Bigfoot Hunt! Night race.. Yea this weekend.. Although I think they have the logo wrong. The race is Saturday night the 9th, Sunday is the 10th.

Would I do good? Nope, the podium ain't gonna happen! But I would have a blast, that's what it's all about!

I am thinking, why not take the camper and pitch up for the night. The kids would have fun and we would be in no rush to get home.

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