Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Weekend In The books.....

Yep, we had the party and Sky High. The kids swam and played, they were worn out and so was I. I still slipped in an afternoon ride Saturday and it was a short one but it was nice to be out in the woods!

Yesterday I slipped off for the afternoon and went to Uhwarrie. I haven't been there in a month so it was nice to get back over there.

I wish I lived closer to the mountains, I would be in them everyday. You have to have a little different mind set when you head to places like Uhwarrie, you are gonna climb! No getting around it, if you don't want to climb don't go. Simple as that..

One thing happened yesterday that was kinda surprising, I have felt really slow for the last few weeks. Like I just can't get going. So yesterday when I finnished my first lap I was really surprised to see how fast I had done it. I wasn't trying to go that hard and came in with a rather good time! Second lap wasn't as fast but right now I will take 1 lap at a good clip..
The trails are really getting some use now, after all the work they did over there last fall it's nice to see the use. I used to go over there and I wouldn't see anybody, now you see people. You don't feel as lonely out there now. You can look at that as a good thing or a bad thing. The place is big enough that you still have the peace and quite.

Also I came across this picture from Saturday's party. I thought it was pretty good so here's one last shot of Chase with his x-box cake....

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