Friday, June 8, 2012

Laughing at Myself.........

If you can't laugh at your self who can you laugh at! I know I have been slack lately with my riding, I go and ride but I haven't pushed myself in a long time.

I just go and ride and enjoy being outside! That's what we do it for right! If you aren't doing it for the fresh air and exercise what are you doing it for?

Yea, I know that could open up a can of worms depending on who you are talking to, but overall it comes back to exercise. And being outside!

So why was I laughing? Well I haven't put on my bibs lately, I have been wearing just regular cycling shorts and a jersey. I try to save my racer boy bibs for racing, which seems to be pointless since I ain't even racing right now.

So last night I went and rode for a few hours and put on my bibs. 

As I squeezed my fat ass in them all I could do was laugh!!!!

What the hell! How did I get that thick in that short period of time? I got to get back riding and pushing myself! That's all there is to it..

I looked like a sausage roll...LOL... Felt like one too!!!!  One big fat  middle aged cyclist...LOL..

I guess life comes at ya fast....Just like the commercial says....I am still shaking my head,,,,and laughing!!!!

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