Monday, June 11, 2012

Hurts So Good !!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yea, right now I have that "good tired-I don't really want to walk to much today" feeling. My legs are sore but not painfully sore!

As I said last week I need to pick up the pace. Yep I ride a good bit but I just ride. I feel like I need to pick it up. So Saturday I went to Sherman and did what I call the "super lap"! I do the roller coaster loop twice and the lake loop twice with the main loop once.

It adds about 6 miles to the overall one lap. Not a big increase but enough to make it more challenging. Sherman rolls good enough that you can punch it and leave with a good feeling in your legs. Instead of 11.2 miles you get a little over 17 miles.

No I didn't do the night race at Uhwarrie but that was my destination for Sunday. I took my bike to church and as soon as we where done I headed to Uhwarrie. They had a good crowd turn out for the race Sunday and most of it was over by the time I got there.

I visited with a few friends and hit the trail. I went out on the Keawee loop and then Super tree, the race loop. When I was almost back to the trail head I went right on White trail back to the top of Super tree. Once back there I went left and did the trail backwards.

That's where you get all the climbing! A lot of climbing! By the time I was back at the trail head just about everybody was gone! That was kinda neat, the place was packed all morning and then it was back to normal. As I was loading up to leave people where still coming in, I wonder if they even had a clue as what had been going on there all morning. Probably not.

I am not sure how many miles total that was but it really worked on me. I feel like if I can get over there at least once a week it will really help me in the long run. One of these days I am going to get a Garmin GPS I would love to be able to keep up with the total climbing on a ride like that.

Pisgah here I come.. I need a mountain trip.....

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