Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Killing Time.....

I am the best in the world at "killing time"! I can use every available hour of the day for something. Last night was a perfect example of my hidden ability.

I rode the night before, I hadn't ridden since last Thursday. Friday we were getting ready to head to Kinston, Saturday and Sunday we where in Kinston so Monday was my first ride in 3 days. I usually don't miss a weekend so I was ready.

So that left me with a rest day yesterday! That really doesn't sound right, rest day after just one ride! But that is kinda my schedule, ride Monday-Wednesday-Thursday. Drink beer Friday, ride Saturday-Sunday.

If I miss a day in there I am still too the good.

Anyway, last night I was on my off night and I played in the pool with Chase awhile. Karen got home and Chase and I got out and I cleaned the pool. We decide we where going to do hamburgers for dinner and need buns.

Well I leave and hit 3 different country stores looking for buns. No luck, nobody had any! I gave up and went to Food Lion in Monroe. I try not to go to town unless I really need too, hence the reason I went to 3 different stores before I gave up.

I walk in and I am heading for the bread isle, bam, I get side tracked! Isle 10, magazines!!!!!!

I love magazines! Here I am at the store with no supervision and all these wonderful new magazines!

Finally the phone rings and the wife is wondering where I am! Once she finds out where I am she just asks "are we going to eat before dark"?

My take home for a 2 hour bread trip. Cycle World and Mountain Bike Action, and the buns! I went to sleep with my nose buried in all the wonderful new pictures!!!!!

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