Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glad They Were Wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What other job is there you can be wrong damn near all the time and still have a job! I want to be the weatherman, there's no way to screw it up! You look out the window and talk!

Easy as that!

So anyhow I got out the road bike and hit the road. I haven't ridin it in awhile. I have been hung up on the mtn. bike so it was really kinda neat to be out on the road. From the weather report I thought it was gonna be raining and storms yesterday so I was glad when it was nice.

Hot yes, but it felt good.

ready for the hay baler

6ft tall corn
One thing has definitely changed over the last 6 weeks since I have been out, the fact the corn has grown big time! They are harvesting the wheat right now so you see wheat fields and corn everywhere.

Last time I saw the corn field above it was maybe a foot tall. I like being in the country. The corn acts like a wind buffer when the wind is blowing.

On the way home I came up the back road and found they are starting a new house behind us. When I say "behind us" it's still across the big field and through the woods. Maybe a quarter mile or so, No ideal what size it will be but they have a great lot with the pond in the front yard.

So anyhow I got in 2 hours on the bike and I am on the motorcycle again today. The weather has changed and I am happy again

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