Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As The Wheels Turn......

Or not! You see as soon as I start talking about riding harder and getting back in some kind of "better shape" it starts raining! Every stinking day, not just a shower in the PM but everyday!

I want to follow up on my "epic" (it was for me) ride Sunday. The one I showed up for after all the racer boys had done there thing. Last night was a recovery night so tonight needs to be a ride night. Now I need to get the weather back on my side.

The five day forecast is not cooperating! Rain yesterday and tomorrow and the next day. Damn! At this rate I won't get out till Thursday. That's way to long between rides to gain anything out of Sunday.

I could use this time to do maintenance, but I won't. My ideal of maintenance is fix things when they break! Nothing is broken so no maintenance is required at the moment. I could wash bikes but that sucks too, they just get dirty again.

I do know this much, by the time Thursday comes around the wife will really be tired of hearing my whining.

So no "The Wheels Ain't Turning".............

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