Monday, May 7, 2012

I Love Charleston !!!!!!!!!

I could move there tomorrow! We had a great weekend and got to see some friends. Karen used to work for Presbyterian Hospital and her good friend Paula lives down there so we where hooked up!

Saturday we spent ALL day, 12noon to 10pm in downtown. Of course we hit a few bars and did a lot of shopping. Checked out several beautiful homes and relaxed down in the Battery area for awhile.

Of all the pictures I took I never even got a shot of a Pedicab. Damn it! That was our preferred mode of transportation for the day! That's my dream job! If I moved there that would be the only job I would want!

We meet several of the guys and all where great. Most work about 12 hours a day and clean up all summer long! I don't want to say exactly what they make but it would make your jaw hit the floor! No shit! They clean up all summer and budget for the winter when it's slow!

the wife brought me a cake!

see the cooper river bridge in the back

I wish I had my swim trucks!
Anyway back to my anniversary! It was nice and we enjoyed the time alone. We enjoyed some good food and good beer! Look forward to the next 17 years! Now enjoy the pictures.....

More to follow tomorrow, I hate to bore you with all of it today!!!!

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