Friday, May 4, 2012

Charleston SC and 17 Years..............

Yea Charleston has been around longer than 17 years but my wife has only been putting up with me for that long! That's right it's our anniversary.

It seems like yesterday we had the wedding and then the first kid. Now the kid is about 2 years from finishing school and I am just about completely grey headed! Pre-mature I might add!

Maybe I should say I turned grey early, mature is not really a word that fits me.

Anyway back to Charleston, we started going down there several years ago and we love the place! You can walk about anywhere and the history is over the top! I have been wanting to play with the camera down there and see what I can get.

cooper river bridge....
We will be staying to the right of the big new bridge. Karen has good friend who has a place in Mt Pleasant maybe a 1/2 mile from the bridge. So next week I will bore you to death with some really crappy pictures that I think are just amazing..

Yes we are taking the bikes how else do you get around a place like Charleston..........

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