Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh Yea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday was a typical day . Church home and basketball ! Kentucky basketball to be exact ! "The" "Kentucky Wildcats Basketball" !

Yep , we made it through the Sweet 16 and the Elite 8 ! Now it's time for the Final Four !

That's right we have Louisville ! I think the picture says enough ! I can't stand them , nobody in Lexington can stand them . No love loss here . 

We have them Saturday night , hopefully things go well and we move on to the championship game ! Got my fingers crossed ! It's march and I have the fever , four teams left and we are one of them !

So go Kentucky !

Yes I did get off the couch for a walk with the wife . Did that when the Tarheels played , I did catch the end of that game and got a good laugh out of it !

I rode to the store on my beer bike one time ,  but that was it for my riding . Total of 4 miles ! I plan on hitting the road tonight , the weather looks like we will have a good week and then rain again at the end of the week . So I better get in a few rides while I can ! Starting to feel good , so I need to improve while I can !

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