Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Intervals Suck ....................

The bad part is I don't even know why I am doing them ! I ain't racing ! I went out Saturday and did a long easy ride , then I go out last night and I start watching the telephone poles go by .

Next thing I know I am sprinting for 3 poles and coasting for 2 poles then back to sprinting ! What the hell .

You know why ? All because I have a subscription to Bicycling Magazine .

I keep reading all the articles on "Intervals" and how they make you faster ! How you need to find a nice long road with telephone poles and just count them off , do sets of 4-5 and then do it again . Next thing I know I am doing them !

Yes I enjoyed them , I kinda surprised myself ! I found that in an all out sprint for 3 sections I was reaching a speed of 28-29mph ! When you hit that speed and coast for 2 sections , the 2 sections go by real quick ! Will it make me faster , I don't know . If you believe everything you read then I will be ready for the next "buddy ride" !

Am I going to race this year ? Right now I have no plans what-so-ever , things change . But I literally have zero plans ! If the kids where racing and Cody's knee was in better shape we would probably be there . But right now nothing !

I would like to do all of the Southern Classic series and nothing else . But hell I have already missed 3 of those races . I don't have any interest in the local summer series races and none of the 1 day races seem to spark any interest so I guess I am just riding at this point .

Yet I am doing intervals ! Makes no sense.......................

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