Sunday, March 4, 2012

Damn Wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, if you have been out of the house today you are well aware of the status of the wind! Off the hook!!

Well I have been off the bike for a week now with the sickness and all. Then the rain came and now it's to wet to ride the woods. Nothing less than the road.......

sign says closed but you can cross it now...
new bridge baby!!!!!!!!!!!
So we got home from church and I loaded up the road bike and headed down south! I parked at Rock Rest School and hit the road.

sweet open road!!!
Going south was no problem but when I turned to come back north it was game on! South I had a tail wind that was awesome! 23-24 miles per hour, no problem, going north it was 10-11 miles per hour max! That was all I could DO.....

Worth it yes, I got out and off the couch and still got a good workout!

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