Monday, February 20, 2012

I Am Tired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have already explained to someone this morning! If you aint woren out on Monday then you just wasted a perfectly good weekend!

I live and die by that rule, and this weekend was no exception!

Saturday AM I was up and had Cody out of the bed by 8! We loaded the truck with the trash and hooked up the trailer, it was already loaded. We had cleaned up the yard a few days earlier, some plywood and an old slide.

To the dump and back! Then we loaded the truck with some scrap steel Cody had accumulated.

from the rearview mirror!
 On to the scrap yard! He made 80 bucks for his effort, not bad for a 16 year old with no job..

From there we went to Marshville and looked at a truck! Yea I plan to give him the red truck but plans can change! I saw this Friday when I was over that way so we went to look at it.

It's an 85 Chevy short bed truck 4x4. Really nice shape, new motor with tires and wheels. The lift kit was done by a professional compony. It was nice!

Nice enough I think I might buy it for me!!!!!!! Time to make an offer!!!!!!!!!

Oh yea, I meet kelly Saturday and did a lap at Sherman, still sick! That was fun... Then yesterday I went down south to Cheraw and rode in the rain for 2 hours.. Had a blast!!!!

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