Friday, February 10, 2012

Damn Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the last 5 years I have heard about the "sheep dog lady". I always thought people were pulling my leg! There's no "sheep dog lady" at Francis Beatty Park!

Guess what! There is!!!!

And the damn dog tried to bite me!

How did it end you ask? Not good! After he growled at me and chased me up the trail I stopped and ended up kicking him square in the side!

Then the dumb ass lady who won't keep her stupid mutt on a leash got mad and started yelling at me!

Not a good time to start yelling at me when I am sitting there trying to keep an eye on her stupid dog and getting a lot madder by the second!

She even threatened to call the cops because I kicked her stupid dog! I am not sure how many kids read this but for the sake of there might be 1, I will keep this PG.

And not tell you what I told her she could go do with her dog and her self!

Up unto that point I was having a great ride and still rode 2 laps at Beatty in 1 hour! That is almost the same pace we end up with in the races..

Now for the weekend! I have been riding so much this week that I haven't even given any thought to what I want to do! That doesn't happen very often! Usually by now I have my whole weekend planned!

I know it will be cold but I can handle it!!!

Have a nice weekend............

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