Friday, December 9, 2011

Time To See......

This weekend it's time to see! See how far I have to go to get where I want to be! Where do I want to be you ask? I want to be in a condition (shape) that will carry me 310 miles in April!

This weekend is going to be the start of the finding out process, stay tuned for the results! It looks as though the weather is going to cooperate, if you consider cold as hell and clear cooperating. I am planning on a long day tomorrow and a short day Sunday. Or maybe 2 long days, it just depends.

I am approaching this with no ideal of how to approach this. I know I need to be able to spend extended hours on the seat and need to have at least a 10 mile an hour average! Beyond that, I am reading a book about training!

Simple math tells me 2 things: 1st If I only average 10 miles an hour and have 310 miles to go, I will only have 5 hours to eat sleep whatever! 2nd If I average 12 miles an hour I will have a 10 hour window!!!

I need to average 12mph, I know that much! Sounds easy huh.... I know that's what your thinking, but if it was that easy more than 57 people would have finished within the time limit!

My goal for tomorrow: 6 hours on the bike and 14mph average! That will be an 84 mile day. Sunday I am heading to the woods......Have a nice weekend............................

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