Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stanley...The Turkey......

I haven't put any pictures on here lately of our pet turkey, actually I haven't taken any pictures of him lately. But last night I got home and Karen had him out of the pen. She was feeding him and the chickens. We can let him out and he will follow you all over the yard. If you let the chickens out your screwed! They take forever to catch!

Old Stanley, he is like a dog. He stays right there with you! Everybody needs a pet turkey, look how big he is now! When you let him out he walks around all blowin up. Like he's trying to be the man! He just started doing that.

He likes to be petted, and he could care less about the dog! Believe it or not, the outside cat is scared to death of him. When Stanley comes out the cat will run and hide! Maybe next year the kids will let me cook him for Thanksgiving.....NOT.........

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