Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let's Back Up A Minute.......................

Yesterday I rambled on, and covered about everything I did ride wise over the weekend. Ride wise yes, otherwise no! So let's start at the top.

It's finally winter (I guess) so I came home with a 5 gallon can of the red fuel we all call kerosene. You can call it that, I am going to call it "goldsene"! At $3.99 a gallon what else would you call it! The downside of having a detached garage is I have to heat it separate! I can either shiver and drink a lot of beer or be warm and drink less beer.

According to the wife, the heat money has to come out of my beer budget. Damn, it!

So Friday night I came home with a project! New tires and a Stan's kit. If you never heard of Stan he makes a conversion kit for bike tires. Anybody with a little beer and a heated garage can turn their bike tires into tubeless tires with very little effort, and a little bit of beer!

Read closely, it says "Virtually Eliminates Flats".. Considering I have had 5 flats already on the 29er I figured I might as well be like everybody else and ride without "tubes".. Now I am like all the other cool kids at the local park!!

I always used tubes, so this will be a new chapter in my ride life. Yes you can tell a difference, and I could compare it to a few things in life, but considering I try to keep this blog "G rated" I will leave it at that! Let's just say it makes things more sensitive. You have a better feel for the trail.

So after taking everything apart and putting the liquid in the tires we were in business! It took longer to drink the beer than it did to do the work. But as you can see, I now have new Kenda Slant Six tires set up with the Stan's tubeless tire conversion kit! I am badass!!!!!

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