Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Can't Eat Anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food, food, food everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everywhere we went tables full of food! So what did I do? I ate and ate and ate!! To the point I swear, yesterday if I even saw food I had to turn my head! We ate at my mom's her mom's and our house. If I don't see ham until Thanksgiving I might be ready for it.

We had a great holiday! Got to see the family and little Wriston! He is a blast and keeps things lively when he is around. He had Chase to play with on Christmas day and they were wide open! The kids got about everything they were hoping for and I got Karen her Nook! She was really wanting one and I got it. On top of that she wanted  the new Twilight movie, New Moon. I found that with a bonus video of the location the series is based on. I am looking forward to seeing that.

Yes I took a bunch of pictures, then left my camera at home this morning. Tomorrow I might just post pictures for a blog post. As I said we had a good holiday!!

I did get a few rides in, Christmas Eve I went to Beatty park and got 2 laps in. The conditions weren't the best but it was nice to be out. Of course Christmas day was full so I waited till Monday and hit Poplar Tent. Once again the conditions where pretty bad at the start but once you got back in the woods it was really pretty good!

It was kinda weird, I saw about 10 cars in the parking lot and didn't see a single person in the woods! Where they were hiding, I have no clue!

Update: Yes, I have the Cannondale back on the trail! By no means has Cannondale made this an easy process. I don't really recall mentioning the problems I have had but too bring you up to speed.. I tore the derailleur hanger off the other week and nobody seems to have a replacement for it! Yes it is a brand new bike, 2012 model! You call Cannondale and they say; yea we have them on order. They will be here in March!!! March!!!

A brand new bicycle with a crappy design and they expect me to wait till March! What kinda company service is that! I never had problems like this with Specialized......

So after getting in 3 different hangers from aftermarket company's, none of them worked! I finally got the Dremel tool out and modified one of them to make it work! After getting it on the bike and readjusting the derailleur guess what! It works better than it ever has! The shifting is the best it's been yet!!

Thanks for NOTHING Cannonfail......................

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