Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time To Bring Out The Lights...............

Yep, it's getting dark way early now so I think we have a night ride scheduled for tomorrow night. Kelly called yesterday and is ready to ride! I look forward to the dark woods this time of year. It's exciting to me to be out there after dark. You just become more aware of what's going on! Guess what nothing is happening that ain't happening during the day. You just feel like something is watching you!

I have been by myself during the day and felt like I was being watched! I was in SC a few years ago in the middle of winter. 34 degrees, and managed to get separated from the group I was with. I had stopped because my bike wouldn't shift to the little front chain ring. By the time I got going I missed a turn and kept on going. When I figured that out it was to late! We were all at a new trail system and thank goodness I had a map! When I got to the car they were all leaving. It was to cold . Me being super human I decided to ride a second lap the way they had gone. I was in the middle of nowhere SC way back in the woods! It was creepy but man that was a blast! Just knowing I had the whole place to myself was really cool.

I wished they had kept those trails open, I really liked them. Carolina Adventure World in Winnesboro SC (it is off road park) thought they could draw in bicyclist too. It didn't work, they are in the middle of nowhere and it was just to far to draw people from Charlotte or Columbia. When they opened the trails nobody used them so they gave them to the motorcycles. But I got the chance to ride them! Only about 10 people can say that!

That day though it was cold and the middle of the week. I was the only person besides the 3 people working that where even on the property. It was almost surreal being that far out in the woods without so much as a bird chirping! All you could hear was your own breathing.

That's why I like to ride at night..... Have you ever tried a solo night ride???? Think about it.................

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