Monday, October 24, 2011

It Get's Away Sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time that is! With my wife out of town last week I was a busy dude! I guess I need to tell her how much she really is needed around the house. I did all kinda stuff I just assumed got done. Never given much thought to how it got done. Now she's back, thank goodness!

new oven.........
First thing I missed talking about happened to be our new oven. We have been in our house for 13 years and the oven finally fell out. Lowes it was, 18 months same as cash. We got a new oven and dishwasher. I put in the oven but the dishwasher, I want help for that. I don't need a water leak in the house.

Yes it works too! Karen cooked a peach cobbler as soon as I hooked it up! Now we gonna cook up a storm.

How about this shot, I never go through downtown Charlotte or around downtown, but I went that way to the airport Friday. So on the way I got this shot of the skyline. I was going to get one from the other side of town on the way home but ended up going the other way. Maybe I will get back over there before long. All the shots you see with the stadium in the skyline are taken from the west side of Charlotte.

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