Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Leaves....................

As long as I can remember I have wanted to go check out the leaves in the mountains! Every fall comes and goes and I say lets go check out the leaves. Then we never take the time or make plans to go. This year is different!

We are leaving around 6:30 tomorrow morning! Heading up to N Wilkesboro and coming down the Blue Ridge parkway! Yes I am taking the camera, I am going to shoot a thousand pictures. After we get down to Asheville and get off the parkway we are going to come down 26 to the house.

For my wife's birthday present we are stopping at Bloomfield's. If you haven't heard of it Goggle it. They have about everything you can can think of. As far as pottery, dishes and all kinda unique stuff. She loves the place and I can even get into it. The kids love the toy section and I like all the antiques. Believe it or not I ain't even taking the bicycle!

I am going to use the trip for "recon"! I have always wanted to ride a road bike down the parkway so after I drive down the thing I will know if I still want too. I know a few people who do it regularly and they like it so I know I will, I just want to check it out.

Monday I will have some pictures of the parkway with all the tree's and such. Have a good weekend, sooner or later we will get back to the bike. Right now with everything going on, Cody's knee and physical therapy. The bike has taken a back seat, but not for long!!!!!!!!!

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