Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Time..................

I was gonna write about my vacation all week and show you a bunch of pictures of all the neet stuff we did and got to see. Now I changed my mind!! It's my blog and I can do that.. The name of this blog is 2-wheels 2 kids. I love talking about my kids and sharing all the stories with you that's why I have the 2-kids.

When I started this blog last December I had every intention of getting back to racing again. I lost the whole previous year after my leg injury. I tried to come back to soon and ended up making things worse. So this year came around and I felt better but the kids have had other interest so there hasn't been any racing on my part. The kids have raced a few times but none of us have been killing it, I still ride a lot but no racing.

I think it's time. Every year they have the Rivers Edge Mtn Bike Marathon, I tried to do it the year before last and didn't finish. At the time Cody was having issues with a heart valve so I rode with him to keep an eye on him and he only did 2 laps before he felt bad and that was it. Besides that I don't really care for the Whitewater Center trails where they have been holding this race.

Things have changed, mainly the venue for the race. Neil our promoter of the race has not been able to reach an agreement with the Whitewater center so he is moving the race! Now it is being held at one of my favorite places Uwharrie National Forest. Yep the same place we have been going camping all summer.

Its Time.......

The last post I did before I went on vacation I was talking about doing the stage races and longer races, well I am going to start my year next Saturday the 27th. With the goal of trying to figure out what it is going to take to be competitive at this type of racing.

Last night I went out and hit the trails and that is where I am going again today. Right after I leave work. I had a good ride last night with a fairly good time, I only put in 12 miles so tonight I am going to put in twice as many miles.............Later.....

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