Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yep, already Wednesday and I am looking for Friday. I am trying to get the kids to commit to a camping trip over in Uhwarrie to look for Bigfoot. They get a kick out of that, Chase wants to go so it looks like he and I are going. Cody hasn't made his mind up yet. I want to go after work Friday and spend the night then ride Saturday am. We are staying around here this weekend I thought we had a criterium in Winston-Salem but I was wrong, it is next weekend.

Checkout the picture below, this is Chase and his new road bike! He likes it and has been riding it since we got it together. I am going to get him out on the road this weekend for a 20 mile ride. I hope he likes it so I have a new riding partner. Cody is doing all his riding in the am so I end up riding by myself in the evening.

Next we have a shot of Cody using his 15 year old brain. He had a 2x4 and an old skateboard and this is what he ended up with. His own version of a long board. If you notice it ain't straight but at least he tried. He really just needed something to kill time and had an old skateboard laying around. It will end up in the trash in just a few days!

So after the skate board fail he moved on to his bmx bike and played on it for awhile. He can do some pretty good tricks on it! That entertained him for the rest of the evening. Oh, I went on a 20 mile ride also. That is the wrap on the evening at the house..................

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