Monday, April 18, 2011

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Chase.........

My last post saturday. I said as soon as this storm is outta here, so am I. man I was wrong we had a funnel cloud touch down a mile from my house! We had a hell of a mess. Not much rain but real heavy winds, the Lowe's store in Monroe had about 4 buildings out front that were distroyed and than a Lowe's store in Sanford NC was completely knocked down!

This is the Lowe's in Sanford. What a mess, they got it even worse than we did out in the eastern part of the state. 

I am glad we got of as easy as we did. So that ruined Saturday for us, but Sunday was real nice. Chase rode both of his dirtbikes and had a ball. he likes to ride the little KTM in the woods, it has an automatic transmision so he is more comfortable on it. The Suzuki is a real motorcycle with a 6 speed transmision. He is still learning how to work the clutch and all.

He was about as tired as a ten year old could be last night. Cody went to the beach for a few days with Austin so he is out of the picture. Chase and I are having fun, we are going mountian biking after work today. Got everything loaded up and ready to go.  

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