Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday AM..............

As the title says it's Sunday am. We are about to go get some breakfast and hit Lowe's. Chase is up and Cody is at Austins house. Still raining, supposed to stay a light rain today and back to heavy rain again tomorrow.

My boys play at 5:05 and I will be watching. At 5 you better not bother me. Between now and then I have to find something to do. This weather sucks and I will be glad when it's hot. Bring on the 95 degree days. I can deal with that a lot better than the cold.

Back to my Model A. I am fascinated by this guy, I read his website everyday. I like the fact that he takes the time to update it everyday. That is one of my pet peeves , if you start a blog or website then keep it up. Don't just stop! It leaves everybody hanging.

I want an old car or truck to drive everyday. I don't need a radio, the one in my older truck now only works when it feels like it. So that wouldn't be a big problem anyway. No I have no plans to fix it either. The picture above was taken the first day of spring in Michigan, that's where this guy lives. He was bragging the other day about having made it through winter and spring was here. Then mother nature dumped 10inches of snow on him. I am complaining about the rain and he just got 10 inches of snow.

He drove over to Frankfurt Michigan yesterday and took these pictures. That is lake Michigan he is looking at. Take note of the snow! I think I like rain better.

Go Kentucky.....I leave you with that......................

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