Thursday, March 17, 2011

Albany NY........Or Greenville NY

Greenville will be the destination but I know nobody has heard of it , Albany is the closest city I know you have heard of. Karen works with a guy Steve who just happens to be as dumb as I am. He thinks he wants to go touring on bicycles with me. He is from Greenville NY and mentioned we could ride up to his parents house from Monroe NC. That will work for me because it is about 800 miles and we could do it in 10 days (80 miles a day). I am going to do a few short tours this summer and we are going to do this in the summer of 2012.

I don't really care where I go I just want to go! So Greenville NY works just fine. Now here is the catch , go look at a map and checkout how many mountains there are between here and there.

Basically we would be riding in the mountains the whole way. Catch 2 Steve has never done any bicycle touring. He doesn't even own a bike yet. Do I think he can it , yes. He just ran his first marathon here recently so he can make it. We just need to get him started.

We would have to cross the Appalachian mountains the Pocono mountains and the Catskills. If you gonna do it you might as well go big. So now we start planning.

Are we going to camp and carry all the stuff required to do so. Or are we going to stay in motels every night. That is called credit card touring. With all the climbing we have to do I am all for that. it would be neat to camp a few nights, but I might like a nice bed every night if I spend 80 miles a day in the mountains.

Ya know why I am excited about this trip ! We are going to stop by OCC!!!! That's right America's favorite dysfunctional family..................................

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