Wednesday, February 9, 2011


First random thought of the day. Shark attacks were up by 25% last summer!!! Now ain't that the shit's!!! We live within 3 hours drive of the coast, so every year we try to get down there 2-3 times a year. The water of the coast here is kinda murky. Then they put this report out there and they gonna scare me right out of the water! Last night we were just talking about a week down in North Myrtle Beach to end the summer this year.

Pictures like the one above make me really like the looks of a snow covered mountain. I hate moguls and can only ski half-ass anyway but at least you might enjoy (only break a leg) skiing. Shark gets you and you only have 1 leg left. Cody found a new TV channel FUEL TV, here lately all he watches are snow boarding video's. Maybe some big fish is trying to give me a clue. Go to the mountains!!!!... Although they are looking for Bigfoot about 45 miles from my house right now. Some guy from Salisbury N.C. convinced the Animal Planet he has proof Bigfoot is hiding right there. He might eat you and leave no trace.

Yes we go mountain biking over there. Actually we have a race there every year. I bet the times will be a lot faster this year than last. I for one know I will be going a lot faster. Probably run into a tree looking over my shoulder.

All you will be able to think about will be "what is that behind the tree". Bet it will be a low turnout....LOL... I would be able to go a lot faster after running into that....The shadow anyway, I would just drop dead if I ran into "HIM"....
The only thing worse than being eatin by a shark or Bigfoot would have to be meeting your maker the same way this poor squirrel did. That had to hurt, the rider! He went straight over the handlebars..

Or maybe we could go to Hungary, apparently they have so many empty mine shafts there that they race bicycles in them now. This picture was from the first "Mole Race". That was the name of it. The only thing that could go wrong here is the roof collapse! Although I wonder how competitive the race was. Only a broke ass commuter would ride with a rear fender on his bike!!!! LOL.. Do not reference prior pictures of my touring bike..There is a difference between a touring bike and a "race bike". Somebody will call me out on this one, I commute sometimes on my bike..When my ass is broke!!!

But, if you call your race a race you need to have real racers! But please note how small that bike is for this person. If he sat down while he was "racing" he would break his knees on his teeth.....

Since I have no direction today how about this one. I have never understood the drive-thru beer store concept. Just doesn't add up to me. Seems kinda redundant, you gonna make it even easier to drink and drive!!!!!!

Well that is about all I have to say today. So here is my grain tower for the day. See ya......

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