Monday, January 31, 2011

Mad Monday

Man what a great weekend, rode Saturday in beautiful weather, very windy though.  Sonny and I hit the road about 11am and had a great tail wind pushing us up the rode, the only problem with a tail wind is sooner or later you have to turn around.  You guessed it, now you are riding into a headwind, a very strong one at that.  But what the hell at least it was in the high 50's.

So while I was out, I had left Cody a job to do.  He is big enough now.  I knew he could handle it.  Did a good job too!  The swing-set is down, not out of the yard yet, but down.  That will be a trip to the dump this Saturday.  Glad I have kids that are good workers.

So that evening Cody decides it is time to fix the dirt bike.  The muffler needed rebuilt.  So I had the enjoyment that my dad must have loved.  He used to sit there and tell me how to do stuff, while he gave me directions.  Yep, I did the same thing.  I was teaching him how, by letting him do it himself.

Man what a dirty job, glad he got so dirty, not me. LOL. Yes he had to clean the carbon out of every one of those little holes.  Took him a long time but now he knows how to rebuild a muffler for a motorcycle.

So anyway that brings us to Sunday.  Cody decided he wanted to ride, so we loaded up and went to Beatty park, rode a few laps and had a good ride.  Cody has been hung up on his BMX bike lately so it has been a while since we have ridden together, so it was rather enjoyable.  Chase was home playing with neighbors and having fun so all was well.  Although Karen was starting to feel a little ill, it was a good weekend.

So now to MAD MONDAY.  A while back I was riding my road bike and had a car load of crappy kids decide it would be funny to throw a cup full of coke and ice at the cyclist who had his back to them.  While being rather mentally challenged they never though about the outcome of such actions.  After a little investigative work of my own, I found out who they were.  My first thought was to beat the crap out of them, Karen wasn't to happy with that idea, so I called the cops.  No honor among thieves, so they ratted out each other and I ended up in court this morning.

Mad Monday:  They only charged the kid who threw the cup.  The other two are witnesses for the state.  Now here I am, had to take a day off work and sit there for 5 hours and then they decided to continue it.  Why did they have to summon me for that crap!!  Now, I will get another wonderful little letter in the mail and we will do it all over again.  I could rant about this all day!!! But I won't.

By the way, a cup full of ice and coke does not feel too good when it is traveling at 55 mph, and you are moving at 20.  Matter of fact, it hurts pretty bad!

Oh well, hope your day was better than mine.  The legs are kinda tired from two days of riding, so today is a rest day.  Looks like it is gonna be halfway warm this week, so I hope to ride some.  If the rain will stay away.

I leave ya with this shot.  Jumped out of the truck the other evening and tried to get a good sunset.  Maybe I was a little late?  Next time.................

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