Sunday, July 19, 2020

It's Hot, It's The South,,,,,,,,,

So yesterday I actually hit the road before sunrise. For me that's very unusual! I just don't get motivated that early. Even with the early start it was hot! Really hot! I had one goal, a metric century. 66 miles. I hadn't ridden in a week so I figured why not.

I left the house and found myself headed south like I usually do. Not sure why but that seems to be my favorite direction. Even back in the day 7-8 years ago when the kid was still riding we always went south. The roads are just emptier and I still find plenty of elevation.

I took the long way down to the state line and had a snack at the store right on the line. My choice was go ahead and head back north or cut across on the line and do my loop with a big climb into Pageland and then circle back to the same spot I was already sitting. I chose option 2, big climb and all. It was 8:15. 9am and I was going right by the same store.

Didn't stop but kept coming toward the house. 20 miles and 3 loops of Oakdale mile a little later I was home. Right down the street there is a neighborhood, Oakdale. It is one street in one circle and it's exactly one mile. I was down to 63 miles and needed 3 more for my Strava metric century medal for the month.

Three loops later and I was home. I got my medal, digital medal! Now it's done. It's amazing how Strava can dangle a worthless digital medal in front of you and here I am going three extra loops around a neighborhood to finish up!

Today, Sunday I took the grand-baby and went to the golf course at 7 am and did a three mile walk. Came home and nobody was even stirring yet. She and I could have been gone for another hour and nobody would have known. We were in the pool and having fun before anyone woke up.

High noon and I hit the road for 30 miles. After yesterday and the walk and the pool for a few hours this morning and the wind! It was rough! Felt good though. I know where I stand these days and I know my plans for the next summer. Now it's a matter of putting my head down and making it happen. I need to be able to at least be able to ride a 100 miles a day two days in a row.

Yes a solid 100 per day! Tomorrow is Monday and I plan to hit it again. Of course I know it's not gonna happen overnight but this weekend was a good start. I am literally a year and one week out. A long time but not that far off when you have a goal! 

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